Best Practices for Tipping a Limo Service in Toronto

So, you have got a Toronto Limo Service for yourself but not sure how much to tip the driver. There is an easy guide to this. Let us take a look at some of the considerations while you decide the tip for your driver.

Is it paid already?

Usually, Toronto Limo Service and Toronto party bus come in two different types of packages. Either you take an hourly package where the driver is paid for the time he is driving or a fixed rate where the driver is paid considering the entire trip. If you have taken the fixed price one, chances are that the tip has already been added to the total fare. So it is important to know if you have already paid the tip.

The Waiting Time

In general, Toronto Party bus charge you for the time and distance that you have travelled. But there is a good amount of time that the driver has waited for you to pick you up and driven places to reach your pick up point. Especially when the pickup point is too remote. Keep them into consideration while deciding your tip amount.

Distance travelled

It is just not fair to offer the same tip for a short airport trip and a long highway inter-city drive. Be generous if your trip is too long. The general consensus is to make a tip of 10% of your total bill amount.


Got a good driver? He deserves to be rewarded. If you feel that your driver did a really nice job in taking you places, be sure to tip him sufficiently.

It is not a tough task to offer a tip to the driver. Just keep in mind the above points and your next Limo journey will be sweet for both you and your driver.

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