4 Amazing Things To Do In Thailand

Go to Thailand and we guarantee that you will not run out of fabulous things to do, experience, fall in love with and never forget. Shaolin kung fu and yoga, island hopping and all-night parties, fascinating history and spiritual enlightenment – Thailand’s got it all. Here are four experiences and adventures you’d be crazy to miss out on – so read about them and then go ahead and enjoy them for yourself.

Visit the Grand Palace

The Thai Kings may no longer live here, but you wouldn’t think it. Bangkok’s Grand Palace is utterly, stupendously stunning. The complex has been the centre of the country’s state departments and political power for the last 150 years. During that time, Thailand has seen great political and social upheaval, but the Grand Palace has endured. Today, visitors can explore its courts, halls and temples. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha truly is a sight to behold, from its intricate carvings to its other-worldly architecture. The temple was completed in 1784, and at its heart you’ll find the Buddha himself, standing at little more than a couple of foot tall, sculpted from a single jade stone. What a magical experience awaits you!

Go on a meditation retreat

Thailand is such an astonishing country – so beautiful, so rich in its heritage, so diverse – it’s no wonder that so many of us choose to go there to explore not just the place, but ourselves. As a result, there are some stunning health and wellness retreats throughout Thailand, from its southern tip to its northernmost reaches. Some of these offer detoxes and inner-cleansing, others spiritual healing. Some are honest and humble, other luxurious and upmarket. Some offer kung fu training courses, others clear your karma. With so much out there, you’ll have plenty of meditation to choose from.

Enjoy the best cuisine in the world

Not everyone will agree that Thai cuisine is the best in the world, but many will. At its best, Thai food is spicy and refreshing, bright and diverse, healthy and delicious. It takes in creamy soups, super-tasty stews, aromatic rices, mouth-watering curries, and some of the most lipsmackingly scrumptious ingredients around: coconut, mango, cashew nuts, lemon basils, squid and…. insects. Yes, despite all the incredible ingredients and dishes to choose from, for some strange reason fried crickets, beetles, grasshoppers and worms are a thing here. Strange thing is, they’re not at all bad. So if you’re feeling brave, get stuck in! When in Rome….

Party a full moon

The full moon parties of Koh Phangan are quite legendary. Backpackers flock from all around and gear themselves up for some of the most famous party nights in the world. The atmosphere is amazing, the music until dawn. Expect lanterns, juggling, bonfires, dancing and skinny-dipping aplenty. And if it’s all a bit too much, console yourself with the fact that you’re in one of the most beautiful spots on our dear planet, and you’re by no means limited to this part of the island, or indeed this island. Thailand is home to many of


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