3 Stunning Art Places in Sydney

The majority of the art lovers would be blissful to know that Sydney is home to private and public art galleries and museums. When you get the chance to visit this astonishing city, you will witness its abundance in incredible craftsmanship. Everybody who has an eye for arts will most likely love this amazing city.

In fact, Sydney is not just known for its Harbor Bridge and Opera House, rather for its various awe-inspiring museums and galleries. There are some which can be available by everyone for free and those exclusively owned that need an extra charge to get inside.

Whether you are up to see stupendous art pieces or just need to appreciate both traditional and modern displays, you are welcome to these Sydney art attractions. Apparently, you can have a magnificent Star Sydney accommodation when you stay in this vibrant city. You will definitely have a relaxing and comfortable break here.

Thus, here are some of the top art places you must visit when in Sydney:


If you want to see an incredible contemporary art scene, then check out Artspace at the Gunnery Building in Woolloomooloo. Your visit to this art place will leave you speechless as you get to see the cutting-edge art pieces through exhibitions, public programs, performances, as well as artist residencies. In addition, this is the place where skilled artists attempt new thoughts and shape public discussions. The mission of the gallery is to build up culture in a more profound engagement with contemporary art.

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Home to both Asian and Australian modern-day art, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art is a non-profit gallery that holds regular projects for exhibitions and shows. The presenters are international artists as well as local Australian and Asian one. Additionally, its goal is to guarantee that contemporary visual art plays an indispensable impact in understanding the dynamic connection of Australia and Asia-Pacific region.

Art Gallery of NSW

Regarded as the leading art museum in Sydney and New South Wales, Art Gallery of NSW is the biggest public gallery and one of the first cultural institutions in Australia. It was built in 1871 and its first public exhibition happened in 1874. Moreover, it houses significant collections of Australian, Asian, and European art. There are also about 40 displays being exhibited here each year. You can visit the gallery every Wednesday and catch film screenings, lectures, celebrity talks, and workshops.

On the whole, Sydney is a great destination for all art lovers out there. Even those who are not much into art will surely appreciate the numerous art pieces and exhibitions these galleries and museums mentioned above offer. Every work of art is created from the heart as well as pure talent of skilled artists, hence, you will be left in awe once you see each in person. Visiting art places will never be a waste of time for you can learn something from them and it will make your day worthwhile as you value the beauty of art.

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