Suit Up You MacBook Pro 13

Dressing up your MacBook Pro 13 is one of the best ways to go about protecting your investment. The first thing we suggest is getting a durable case. Quick, easy and it doesn’t require much in the ways of installation, your Mac can be instantly protected from well you.

There are a lot of god cases on the market at the moment, it seems like everyone’s getting in on the Apple accessory craze. But what actually works? Here are just a few suggestions from us one what works well. This is not the end all of your options but it’s a great place to start.

Mobile Edge SUMO Sleeve
This is the last sleeve case you should ever need to look at. Built with the MacBook Pro 13 in mind, this protective nylon sleeve, secured by a closure on the front cover. The soft interior provides ample protection during travel with its lightweight, easy and comfortable design making travel easy, allowing you to carry it by hand or in any bag taking up just as much room as you MacBook Pro and no more. And don’t worry about design, there are numerous options available.

Marware Sportfolio
Portfolio designs are made for travelling and transporting good and the sportfolio is no exception when it comes to your MacBook. It multitasks as both great protection and a usable carry bag/briefcase with its shoulder strap. The durable neoprane material encasing it covers a soft interior with rubberized side panelling and plastic inserts. This is 360 degrees of protection in a bad that secures your MacBook using two padded zips and blends in well anywhere coming in classic black. Definitely a plus if you don’t want anyone to know what you’re carrying around.

Speck SeeThru 13
Hard-shelled and snappy, this case snaps on and never need come off your MacBook providing ample protection from shocks and drops, knocks and bumps. Lightweight and translucent, this is a case that catches attention rather than avoiding it. Proving the perfect combination of protection and function allowing you access to all ports including your CD/DVD drive.

There is no such thing as the perfect case but there certainly are many cases that can meet your needs and more. And a good case is a good first step in insuring your laptop against repairs.

For casual journeys, a sleeve might just be your fit. For extensive long haul travellers we recommend something more in a portfolio style with a hard case but for every situation a snap on just fits. But invest today in one form of protection or another, your MacBook will thank you, and there is nothing wrong with suiting up.