Light Packing For Trailer Travel

Bringing in too many items for travel doesn’t make sense. First, it inconveniences the traveler with too many baggage to worry about. Second, it is more costly as it is likely that you will be charged for excess baggage fees on flights whether domestic or international. Even you have your own trailer, bring only essential items to get rid off excess load on your vehicle. Light packing for trailers travel is a mark of an experienced traveler.

One of the more exciting travel options is cross-country travel by trailer. If you have a trailer, then you are about to experience a more memorable travel option. Here are the pros and cons of cross country trailers travel vis a vis your regular travel package:


  • It is cheaper as compared to overseas travel, taking a cruise or other forms of travel. You only spend for gasoline, toll fees and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • No need to check into a hotel or motel. You sleep in the comforts of your trailer.
  • You travel at your own pace. No guided tour itineraries to follow. No waiting for your tour companions:
  • Develops closer family ties. Families rarely get together caused by different schedules. This is the perfect opportunity to rekindle shattered relationships or further reinforcing existing good family ties.
  • See more places and panoramic scenery normally not traveled by conventional tours.
  • Since this is laden with activities travel, it gets to be more fun and exciting.


  • Security and safety. This is the number one problem of trailers travel. Since you park and sleep in places of your choice, you and your family are at constant risk from lawless persons wandering in the middle of the night, unexpected weather disturbances and dangerous animal.
  • Requires lots of free time to fully enjoy the vacation. You just cannot cramp all your travel places you wish to visit in several days. I would say that it would take a minimum of at least 8-10 days of free time
  • It requires experience travel. Doing this for the first time may not turn out to be as enjoyable as planned. This form of travel requires advanced planning and research, familiarity with the remote places you are planning to go.
  • You have to bring all the essential equipment like maps, GPS, back up tents, other tools and utilities to make your travel worry free. This could cause unnecessary vehicle overload.

There you have it, the pros and cons of trailers travel. Be the judge and decide for yourself if this is your cup of tea. Just remember this requires experience and activities travel, so make sure you prepare all the necessary packing for this trip.