How To Choose Golf Travel Bag Cases

Golf travel bag cases frequently provide golfers with problems. Among them are the space required for them, the weight and even the price. Some can be really expensive, particularly if you want a bit more protection that a soft cover travel case can provide.

If you have decided to buy a travel case for your golf bag, think on why you want it. Consider the features that would be essential to you, then note down those that would be just ‘nice to have’. If you want some protection during your daily drive tom the golf course, your needs will be less that if you are a golf pro traveling the world on the circuits.

You Need a Good Golf Travel Case if you are Flying

Most people who buy golf travel cases are somewhere in between the two. They are regular golfers who like to take their clubs with them when they go on vacation, whether it’s a long drive or a flight. You need a high degree of protection when flying, since your clubs have to be protected by the rough handling they can get on and off the aircraft. Baggage jockeys are not noted for their soft and careful handling techniques!

Whatever you decide, you also need something that will be fairly easy to get to and from the trunk. It will also have to fit in it, along with any other luggage you are taking with you, but if it’s only a short trip then you might consider a travel case that doubles as a luggage case. You get golf travel cases that you can fit in a change of clothing and any other overnight kit you need as well as your golf bag and apparel.

Make Sure Your Travel Case is up to the Job

If you are only going to use for short travel periods, and decide on the lightness and easy handling of a soft cover bag, not to mention the more attractive pricing, make sure you get enough protection to suit you. Your bag should be strapped in securely, and your clubs should be secured from rattling around. Some protection for the club heads is also useful.

If you opt for a hard case make sure you can carry it, since if you are traveling alone you will possibly have it and the rest of your luggage to handle. Make sure that the wheels are up to the job, and of course that the case itself adequately protects your clubs. After all, that is what it is for. It should also be easy to store at home when you are not using it. The handles should be good enough to help you lift it to and from the trunk, and the strapping should hold your bag and clubs securely and without rattling.

The Choice of Golf Travel Case is not an Easy One

If you decide what you need before you shop, rather than what would be nice to have, you can save money and own a case that suits your needs best. Golf travel bags cases [] come in all different sizes and colors and makes, so the choice is not an easy one if you step into a golf shop cold, and without putting the right degree of though to it.

Round the World Travel – Doing it Alone or with Someone Else

So, you’re thinking about taking a round-the-world trip and wondering whether to go it alone or not. Perhaps you’ve just come up with the idea and you’re not sure whether anyone can join you? Perhaps your list of places is quite off-the-wall and you’re wondering who’d want to join you anyway?

Whatever the case, most of us have a different ways of travelling. So, what are the pros and cons of taking off on your own? Here are a few thoughts.


Pro: There are absolutely no compromises. You can go where you want and when you want. And with who you want, for that matter.

Pro: You often interact more with others when you travel alone. Well, you have to if you don’t want to be chatting to yourself 24/7.

Pro: You build your own independence, because you’ve got no one else to rely on.

Con: There are some safety aspects to travelling alone – although these aren’t completely eliminated when travelling with others, of course.

Con: It can be intimidating to travel alone and meet new people.

Con: Making ALL the decisions can be tiring. Sometimes it’s nice to hand over to someone else – at least for a while.


Pro: Some people like the idea of sharing experiences with other people. At the very least, it’ll mean one or more others are interested in your holiday snaps when you get home.

Pro: It’s good for at least one person to know where you are at any time.

Pro: You might not have to buy one of everything. Perhaps you can share things like travel guides, sun tan lotion or refreshments.

Con: Travelling with others can be stressful. Sometimes you’ll see the worst of your friends – not to mention yourself.

Con: You may form a clique, meaning you don’t speak to many others.

Con: Sometimes you might need to compromise – a budget hostel when you feel like something more comfortable, or even when seeing the sights.

Remember though, if you want to travel with others but no one you know is up for it, you might be able to join a tour. Tours aren’t all about package holidays. You might just be able to find yourself on an adventure with an experienced guide and 10 to 20 other like-minded people.

Happy travelling.

First MLM and Travel Agent Model Arrives

In this exciting new century there is a new way to become a travel agent. The days of the expensive travel agent courses are becoming ancient history, and so is the overhead traditional travel agents had to deal with.

Classic (old-school) Travel Agent Opportunity

There are still travel agent trainings, that cost an arm & a leg, and leave you with the ability to book travel, but that’s where it ends. My wife took this old-school training and it cost her over $10,000 and she had to pay for room & board for the month-long course. She ended up with a basic privilege to book travel.

With these kind of old-school credentials, you are missing out on something BIG, and I’ll get to why further in this article.

Internet Travel Agent Opportunity

Then along came the Internet, and soon there was hundreds of web-sites offering cheap eBooks, online courses claiming that you would get the information, and training you needed to succeed as a travel agent (home-based, or overhead based).

None of these cheap deals actually deliver on their promise, and this avenue usually leaves you out of pocket for some of your hard-earned money. How much can vary – from as low as $5.95, and as high as $2500 USD. OUCH! You want to stay clear of these scams for sure.

Then Came Programs Like YTB

YTB is a smoother, and slicker Internet based company that promises to provide you with the resources to become a home-based travel agent. The problem is that there are better offers out there now. These new-world networks cost less money, set you up faster, pay higher commissions, and provide for residual income as well. The travel agents make high commissions, and they have lucrative down-lines that grow wealth perpetually.

The New-World Travel Agent System

The new-world travel agent systems use a Network that provides for online travel booking so that the agent can work from anywhere there is an Internet connection, and they pay much higher commissions. The best example to date is a new travel company known as Pro Travel Network.

This new breed of travel agent gets all the travel benefits the old-school agents get, but they have more freedom because of the Internet based model, and they (more importantly), have down lines. This is where it gets very lucrative.

Light Packing For Trailer Travel

Bringing in too many items for travel doesn’t make sense. First, it inconveniences the traveler with too many baggage to worry about. Second, it is more costly as it is likely that you will be charged for excess baggage fees on flights whether domestic or international. Even you have your own trailer, bring only essential items to get rid off excess load on your vehicle. Light packing for trailers travel is a mark of an experienced traveler.

One of the more exciting travel options is cross-country travel by trailer. If you have a trailer, then you are about to experience a more memorable travel option. Here are the pros and cons of cross country trailers travel vis a vis your regular travel package:


  • It is cheaper as compared to overseas travel, taking a cruise or other forms of travel. You only spend for gasoline, toll fees and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • No need to check into a hotel or motel. You sleep in the comforts of your trailer.
  • You travel at your own pace. No guided tour itineraries to follow. No waiting for your tour companions:
  • Develops closer family ties. Families rarely get together caused by different schedules. This is the perfect opportunity to rekindle shattered relationships or further reinforcing existing good family ties.
  • See more places and panoramic scenery normally not traveled by conventional tours.
  • Since this is laden with activities travel, it gets to be more fun and exciting.


  • Security and safety. This is the number one problem of trailers travel. Since you park and sleep in places of your choice, you and your family are at constant risk from lawless persons wandering in the middle of the night, unexpected weather disturbances and dangerous animal.
  • Requires lots of free time to fully enjoy the vacation. You just cannot cramp all your travel places you wish to visit in several days. I would say that it would take a minimum of at least 8-10 days of free time
  • It requires experience travel. Doing this for the first time may not turn out to be as enjoyable as planned. This form of travel requires advanced planning and research, familiarity with the remote places you are planning to go.
  • You have to bring all the essential equipment like maps, GPS, back up tents, other tools and utilities to make your travel worry free. This could cause unnecessary vehicle overload.

There you have it, the pros and cons of trailers travel. Be the judge and decide for yourself if this is your cup of tea. Just remember this requires experience and activities travel, so make sure you prepare all the necessary packing for this trip.