St. Lucia Waits For You

Redefine what it means to vacation with a rental home on the beautiful island of St. Lucia. A vacation home gives you freedom to do as you please as you create a memorable trip in paradise. This tiny island vaunts a vast inventory of things to do that makes it a top destination for celebrities and astute vacationers.

Dripping with lush color and breathtaking beauty, this little Caribbean island packs a lot into its nearly 240 square miles of sumptuous leisure. A favorite of the French pirate Francois le Clerc in the mid-1500s, this jewel of the Caribbean has attracted the rich and famous as well as the discerning traveler for generations. From a drive-in volcano to the majestic, lush and impressive Botanical Gardens, there is much to do, see and experience on the island.

To the south lies the picturesque and historical Soufriere, which is French for sulfur. Old plantations pepper this part of the island and hidden beaches are nestled along its sparkling coast. The Pitons are a photographer’s dream destination. The two mountainous volcanic spires tower over the surrounding sea as they rise from the ocean floor. The highest is the Gros Piton, which reaches 771 meters into the sky. Its neighboring Petit Piton strikes a spectacular pose at an intimidating 743 meters.

Sulphur Springs on Soufriere on the southwestern side of the island is a sight to behold with its steaming volcanic rocks and tar-colored pits. Tourists can drive to the edge of the springs and dip their toe in the hot water that bubbles from the ground.

The north holds Rodney Bay, a more modern section of the island with shops and eateries cushioned in the coves of the beautiful natural harbor. The quaint shops hold crafts from local artisans as well as fresh produce and seafood at the Castries Market. Take an extra suitcase to pack the duty-free items available, including leather goods, gem stones, cigars, cosmetics, resort wear and more.

For foodies, this island is a culinary find. The Pink Plantation House inside Castries market boasts a remarkable menu that has garnered it annual awards. It also tries to stay up on the latest trends and caters to its clientele, offering vegetarian and gluten-free options. For a true taste of the Caribbean, try Martha’s Tables at Soufriere for its stellar dishes and authentic ambiance. Traditional Caribbean food includes a leafy green soup called Callaloo, Pepper pot stew with a mix of squash, pork, beef, spinach, pumpkin and grated cassava and Poile Dudon, jerk chicken and curried goat for main meat dishes.

A retreat at a reputable vacation rental villa helps you to feel like a local as you take in the sights, scents and sounds on your own time and at your own pace. A holiday rental villa offers more privacy, space and is less expensive than a hotel, to the surprise of many tourists. Whether you have a large family or group, a rental villa offers more variety and personal amenities.

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