Traverus Travel Opportunity

Traverus is a certified travel agency that was started in 2006. This company offers full services in travel industries. When you think of traveling, you should think of Traverus Travel Opportunity. You can find thrilling packages here that are well planned to meet your specifications.

There are several reasons that have put this company in the limelight of the lucrative travel industry record. The first is that the company has a clean history of conducting business. David Manning who is the owner of this company has a reputation of maintaining high business ethics in addition to his good management skills. The management of this company has been rated as perfect. Good management is essential for the success of online marketing industries like Traverus.

The services that are offered by this company are also of high quality. Anyone who is joining Traverus travel Opportunity has really made the right choice. Your membership with this company automatically approves you to become an approved a travel agent. Getting license in the travel industry at the moment is essential since this business is booming. The home based businesses that are being operated from home have taken the clients from the industry such that even some companies are closing down since they are incapable of meeting their operational costs. The licensing of the travel agents by this company is making their agents more flexible. The agents are going to compete well with others in the field attaining their share of clients without limitation in the network marketing opportunities.

This company has also tried to introduce some basic incentives in their services. These requirements are that special since there are other companies that also have these services in the industry. Some of these newly introduced in the company operations include the medical care. There are other companies that produce the medical care. However, the availability of this service will be dependent on whether this company will be capable of suppressing the MLM companies that have become a force to reckon with or not. This move is essential since it is a pre-introduction. This service is meant to benefit those who are traveling.

This company has one of the best travel packages. It has established a complex 3D plan gives the agents of this company the opportunity to make money in different techniques. Traverus rewards their agents with attractive commissions if they recruit a member. This is common in most of the local internet marketing opportunity. The compensation plan is designed in a away that it is going to provide extra income to these employees in generous amounts provided they have the skills of utilizing their benefits wisely.

Traverus travel opportunity can meet the international standards if you like using those kinds of companies. This company has extensions in six countries. The countries that are featured include Bahamas, China, Colorado, Australia, Jamaica and Barbados.

If you are considering starting an internet marketing company, it is essential that you understand they take long before you start making reasonable income. This time can run up to a period of five years.

Keep note that Traverus is also involved in other department such as selling cell phones and plans. Plus, they also sell weight loss product and energy powder drink. To me, any travel company that gets involved in other product makes me wonder if they are doing well with their travel business. If you want a travel company that only sells travel 100%, visits my Pro Travel Network website.

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Pros and Cons of Annual Travel Insurance

 Everyone is always looking for ways to get cheap travel insurance for their holidays abroad, but many people miss the most obvious way to make big savings – annual travel insurance. Buying an annual policy rather than numerous single trip policies is normally much more cost effective and convenient, and it often brings numerous other benefits as well.

Of course, annual travel insurance isn’t for everyone – those who only go on one or two smaller trips each year, or people with very specific, high end travel insurance requirements may benefit more from some carefully chosen single trip policies. The trick is to find the right kind of insurance for your needs.

Here are some of the pros and cons of annual travel insurance…


It saves you money

There are often significant discounts to be made with annual travel insurance. If you add up the cost of every piece of travel insurance you buy each year and compare it to the cost of annual policy, more often than not you’ll be surprised at just how great a saving you can make.

It is highly convenient

Once you’ve bought your annual travel insurance, it is one less thing to do every time you go on holiday. Not only does this save you plenty of hassle, it also allows you to be much more spontaneous with your holiday plans. If you suddenly decide to go on a romantic weekend away, there’s no need to mess about booking travel insurance at the last minute – you can just up and go.

There are often bonus features

To encourage people to buy annual travel insurance, many insurance providers throw in numerous bonus features and extra pieces of cover. These can range from free children’s insurance and extended sports cover to comprehensive business trip insurance; it is well worth your while to shop around and see just who will offer you the best extras on your annual travel insurance. In particular, look out for deals for families and couples – the savings can be even more impressive when you buy group travel insurance. 


It is not always the best deal

You don’t have to travel especially often for your annual travel insurance to pay for itself, but if you are just making one or two small trips each year, hunting out some cheap single trip insurance each time may be the most cost effective way of buying your holiday insurance.

It may not suit very specific insurance requirements

If you have exceptional or unusual insurance requirements, such as for extreme sports, pre-existing medical conditions or if you are over the age of 65, annual travel insurance may be difficult to come by or be exorbitantly expensive. Don’t write off annual travel insurance completely in this case – some specialist and budget providers can still offer good deals, but the chances are that you may have to rely on single trip insurance instead.

The next time you are thinking of buying travel insurance; don’t just buy the cheapest single trip policy that you find. Shop around, take a look at the annual travel insurance that is on offer, and try and find the deal that is best suited to you.

3 Timeline Tips for Travel Pros Using Facebook

Exciting changes travel quickly! Facebook’s Timeline for business pages is HOT news!

As a travel pro, here are 3 tips and tricks, plus an important bonus tactic, to keep you ahead of the game. I know, you’re probably overwhelmed by bookings, accounting and keeping up with supplier changes. Now you wonder how you’ll manage to tackle another Facebook change. I’ve put together a quick update for you with how-to’s and strategy designed for the travel and tourism pro.

#1 – Your new Cover Photo

This exciting change gives you the opportunity to showcase your specialty visually! From a marketing standpoint this is awesome news! You can now highlight:

• Your best-selling destination
• Upcoming group departure
• Your latest family trip destination and focus on your credibility
• Photos of people enjoying your services (you may want to get a release from those pictured)

Tech stuff: This new cover photo needs to be 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. Most people choose a high-definition photo that captures the essence of their brand, the business model and their key specialty.

Tip: don’t use a photo that doesn’t belong to you and follow Facebook’s rules on cover photos.

How to add your cover photo:

If you don’t have a cover photo yet, log into your business page and you’ll see a bar at the top that will walk you through setting up your new page. You can choose where to upload a photo from, see example Cover Photo

If you already have uploaded a cover photo and would like to change it, hover over “Change Photo” when you’re logged in as an Admin on your page.

Tip: you can reposition the photo up and down, but not sideways. Be certain to do any cropping prior to uploading your photo. See example below: How to change a cover shot

Here’s an example of a travel consultant who has used the cover photo extremely well to highlight her business: Journey’s by Jo example of Cover Photo Tips for Travel Pros:

You may consider changing your cover photo to highlight destinations during their peak selling period. For example, in fall when you’re selling ski vacations, change your cover photo to ski photos you’ve taken, purchased or acquired the rights to use.

Highlight the destination you’re focusing on in your regular Facebook posting calendar. For example, if you’re talking about Italy on your page and highlighting things to do, fabulous museums and cycling tours, change your cover photo to match the theme.

#2 Messages

Great news! Your clients can now send you private messages in addition to posting on your Wall. This gives you a chance to have a private conversation about bookings, dates or concerns without the Facebook world knowing. You can turn this feature on or off from your Admin dashboard by clicking Manage Permissions. How to change the Message Feature The message feature is enabled by default. To disable it, click and remove the check-mark. As a page Admin you can reply to a message, but not send one to a fan. The reverse of this is also true, you can now privately message another page owner. Think of the power of messaging a supplier.

#3 Highlight posts on your Timeline

Imagine your best photos and videos you’ve included in posts being spread out across the width of your wall. What a great way to showcase photos from your last fam trip and visually entice clients to book with you.

When you ‘Highlight’ a post by clicking on the star (see example below) it enlarges the post to the size of the bottom post in this example. (see arrow) Talk about attention-grabbing!

How to Highlight a post

Travel pros love the benefit of being able to showcase upcoming group departures, packages that are hot-sellers as well as unique destinations that will excite and inspire clients.


Pin to the top of your Page Do you ever wish your best posts could stay at the top of your page? Leverage that article you’ve written about an upcoming group departure so it doesn’t get hidden in the flow of other posts. Now you can ‘Pin’ a story to the top of your page for a week. Making it stick to the top of your page gives you the chance to fully market a unique product, highlight a new destination or a special you’re providing to your clients.

Here’s how it works:

• Find the post you’d like to appear at the top of your page.
• Hover and click the pencil icon at the top of the pos
• Click ‘Pin to Top’
• A small ribbon-like graphic will appear at the top of your post indicating it’s been ‘Pinned’ How to Pin a Post

Savvy travel marketers are using this feature to Pin stories, promotions, offers and events to maximize their visibility. Only 1 pinned story is allowed at one time. You can change the pinned messages at any time. The potential for pinning is powerful! Imagine: pinning a top suppliers’ newest product to the top of your page prominently featuring your next group departure showcasing an article you’ve written about your latest travel discovery providing a link to your website or on-line booking engine

This is just the beginning of a series of articles on these changes at Facebook and how they will affect you. For a quick cheat-sheet, Facebook has put this together to highlight the newest features.

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